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Zelfo® and the associated technologies for this cellulose fibre based process are being consolidated in a new business called ‘Zelfo Technology’.
The company will have its main office in Paris, France. Founded by a team of experts in the fields of bio-based materials, design and manufacturing, Zelfo Technology is focused on the development and optimization of cellulosic materials for the advancement of sustainable manufacturing.
The company’s founding partners are Omodo GmbH the original Zelfo patent holders together with: global sustainability leader InterfaceFLOR / Zelfo co-developer TheGreenFactory from France / Trevor W R Dean (MRSC, MCMI), co-owner of Cross and Bevan.
Our microsite www.zelfo-technology.com is now live.
Should you require further general information or samples please use the contact formula on the Zelfo Technology website.
We thank all parties current and previous clients and partners for their support so far.


Datum: Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010 21:12
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